About Perfume & Perfume Samples

Yves Saint Laurent Chypre Parfum "Y"

Yves Saint Laurent Chypre Parfum "Y"

Sample Vintage Perfumes

We’re offering you a new way to sample vintage and discontinued perfumes… Decants! Decanted Perfumes are the Authentic Perfume, taken from the original Bottles by Some Manner of Extraction and then Added to the New Container which will Hold the Decanted Perfume Offering.

Hand Decanted Perfume Samples

Each Decant that You Order will be Custom Made and a hand decanted perfume sample, Freshly Taken from the Actual, Authentic Perfume Bottle. Where Possible, I’m going to try to photograph each bottle that your perfume sample will come from and place the photo of the Perfume Bottle on the Order Page, so You Can Better See Where Your Perfumes Will Be Coming From. Purchasing Perfumes this way is a wonderful way to Sample All those Classic, Expensive Perfumes you’ve heard about, but didn’t want to purchase an entire bottle before you knew what the scent was. You Can Order as Few as One Perfume Decant, or as Many as Your Heart Desires.

Perfume Sampling Vials, Glass Perfume Bottles

We offer them in a Variety of Sizes In Glass Sample Perfume Bottles, in Perfume Sampling Vials, Atomizers and Bottles with Screw on Tops. We also sell decanting supplies and offer all of our decanting vials and glass perfume bottles for sale.

I’ve Been a Perfumista Since the Age of 10! I can still remember every perfume bottle my Mother Had and Wore, and what it smelled like. I rememeber wearing them myself and feeling special each time.
I’ve Always Loved Perfumes and Been Very Good at Identifying the Essences that Go Into Each Perfume Composition and Recipe. I’m happy to share these perfume samples with you, and hope you find a love for perfume as I have.